Listing of paintings by the name of the series.

  • Saint Dominic’s Preview 2002

    Saint Dominic’s Preview 2002

    Saint Dominic’ Previews are inspired by the lyrics of Van Morrison. I used 3D color theory so these keep me informed of new work and exhibits…and more images by request……please click paintings jump into 3D with glasses. “St. Dominic’s Preview,” Acrylic/Oil Stick/Epoxy on canvas, 48″ x 70″, 2002. “St. Dominic’s Preview #2,” Acrylic/Oil Stick/Epoxy on…

  • Landscapes


    Inspiration for the landscapes that began in 2014; An ancient road existed across the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of the Central Valley long before the two highways that cross the Sierra today. Used for millenniums by the early people, here are views from this trail. I grew up in the Central Valley of California on a…