Mel Smothers

Mel Smothers

Mel Smothers is the American artist behind the Andy Dialogs, Islands and Mountain Lake.

  • LaBota


    LaBOTA Thor Heyerdahl with the Kon-Tiki proved that primitive artists moved around the globe using rafts. The migration continues today. Click here for studio blog on Instagram.    or, click here to ask for info.   “LaBota 04,” 54″ x 54″, oil on canvas, Mel Smothers 2018 click for full size image   “LaBota 03,” 54″…

  • Andy Dialogs 2005-Present

    Andy Dialogs 2005-Present

    ABOUT THE ANDY DIALOGS; I found myself painting Andy Warhol images in the background of my paintings as a fun thing; the channeling of a dead artist, celebrity vs nature as art, and an outsider from northern California moving to NYC to draw attention to my painting. It worked!    please click here to ask for…

  • Watercolors


    Watercolors. Painted plien-aire around New York’s Central Park. Some are basic sketches, others I pin up in the studio. keep me informed of new work and exhibits…and more images by request……please click Central Park #21,  9″ x 12″,  plien-aire watercolor, 2018 click for full size image   Central Park #21,  9″ x 12″,  plien-aire watercolor,…