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Andy Dialogs

In 2005 I left California to search out the essence of Andy Warhol’s Pop Art.

Description: Dear Andy(Montauk)23 54x54MelSmothers$3000c





Painting Archives


“Dry Winter”

2012 western landscapes

Description: DryWinter03 10x10 OilCanvasMelSmothers2012a.jpg


        ‘Lecture Series’ Description: Lecture Series 01a       

Diamond Blue

Description: Dear Jeff (Christies) 01 36x36OilCanvasMelSmothersc

'Painting over ….' Description: Nightwatch 01a             

'Decision at the Gates’ Description: Decision at the Gates03 acry48x48$5,500a        'Still-Lifes 2005' Description: Book of the Dead 013a   


Light on Brown Sugar River Series Description: Light on Brown Sugar River 01a

“Judy in disguise with glasses” Description: Judy in Disguise with Glasses 19a

 'COME TO ME' Description: Dark SeasA

“Noon Concerts” Description: Noon Concert15 30X30 Oil $1,800a  'st.dominics  previews' Description: St

'crow stories' Description: Crowstories #20-66x76-Acrylic canvas $6,000a    'flying lessons' Description: FlyingLessons18 40x40-Acrylcanvas $3,500a

PUBLIC ART PROJECTS Description: Sets 37a  Landscapes Description: Fieldwork#58 48X48 Oil on Panel $5,000a

still-life's Description: Mitt and Ball 02 24x24 Oil Panel$1800a   

Figure Paintings  Description: Old Icicle Trail34 48X48 oilpanel $4000a

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